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All the pretty gurls

...that all the pretty gurls want...

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This is a rating comunity for as you can probably tell, attractive women :)

Enjoy :)

To join PLEASE fill out this small questionare and post it along with AT LEAST THREE clear pictures.

The first 10 members will be automatically accepted.
There is no ratio required for acceptance- Quite simply if more people vote yes than no- than you are in :)

PLEASE allow 48 hours to pass before you start pestering to be stamped :)

Rude comments to stamped members will have you banned automatically.

If you don't get in, You can try again in 7 days :)

If you get this, Please leave and re- try in 7 days!

If you get this, Please vote and promote!

REMEMBER! thsi is a rating comunity!

So just because you feel bad saying no, Is not a reason to accept people you find unattractive- Be brutal, be honest and have fun :)